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Restore Smile Function Affordably

Sometimes, decay impacts so much of a tooth that the enamel and dentin (the core structure of teeth) is too compromised to support a filling. In other instances, large fillings can’t be properly restored without damaging too much of your remaining tooth. If a tooth crack is superficial and doesn’t impact your nerve and tooth root, extraction usually isn’t required. Although minor chips in teeth can usually be fixed with porcelain veneers, larger ones generally can’t. For all of these scenarios, crowns are a cost-effective option for saving and protecting a tooth. As long as your tooth roots and pulp are healthy, we’ll do everything we can to save it at North Macon Dental Associates. Of course, when a tooth is beyond repair, a bridge is a good solution for restoring smile function and esthetics. Dr. Lee Stockslager has over 40 years of experience, advanced skills and the artistic eye to provide esthetically attractive and functional outcomes, using both dental crowns and bridges in Macon, GA.

At North Macon Dental Associates our dentist and dental team are skilled in these restorative treatments and have the artistic eye to provide aesthetically attractive outcomes, as well as returning function to your tooth.

Repair Damaged Teeth with Crowns

A dental crown or “cap” covers a damaged, decayed or unattractive tooth to restore normal function and smile esthetics. Crowns are also typically needed on teeth that have undergone root canals to protect their weakened structure. Crowns require modification to the teeth they’re placed on. In the past, gold or porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns were used; however, both modern porcelain and zirconia provide superior strength and a natural-looking appearance. Thanks to our in-house technology, it’s possible to receive beautiful same-day tooth crowns in Macon, GA in one appointment, instead of waiting about two weeks for them to come back from a dental lab. We design and mill crowns on-site using CEREC® (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, or CEramic REConstruction). CEREC is a type of dental zirconia that provides excellent durability, strength and bite function, as well as beautiful esthetics. Traditional and same-day crowns are an effective treatment for:


CEREC Technology Streamlines the Crown Process

Ongoing refinements in CEREC technology since its introduction in 1985 provide an unmatched combination of convenience and restorative excellence. If we determine your tooth can be restored with CEREC, we take digital impressions of your tooth and use these as a 3D foundation to virtually design a precise and beautiful new dental crown. We mill your customized CEREC crown from a solid zirconia ceramic block while you wait — in about 15 minutes. Then we shade and polish the crown to perfectly blend in with your natural teeth.

Replace a Missing Tooth with Bridges

Dental bridges are a series of dental crowns that span the gap left after a tooth is lost or extracted. Two crowns are placed over modified healthy teeth on either side of the missing tooth. The supporting teeth are referred to as “abutment teeth.” The two crowned abutment teeth support a pontic, which is a fake tooth that replaces the missing one. In most cases, all three are fabricated out of the same material. If more than one tooth is missing, additional crowns are needed to bridge the gap in between the abutment teeth. Dental bridges eliminate unsightly gaps in your smile, keep remaining teeth from shifting, and improve smile esthetics and oral function after tooth loss. In some cases, we can mill dental bridges in Macon, GA using the same CEREC technology as single crowns.
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How Much Do Crowns and Bridges Cost?

We offer highly competitive pricing for dental crowns and bridges and accept insurance from many insurance carriers. The cost of your dental crown or bridge will depend on several factors, including the number of teeth treated and the material used. During your personalized consultation, we’ll discuss different options, as well as dental financing if you need to make monthly payments. Customized crowns and bridges from our seasoned dental team are a cost-effective way to restore your oral health, smile esthetics and dental function!

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