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At North Macon Dental Associates, we offer a full spectrum of dental care under one roof to patients of all ages, including oral surgery. While all of our dentists are trained to perform less complex oral surgeries such as tooth extraction, Dr. John Kuo has advanced training in oral surgery, including wisdom tooth extraction and different types of bone grafting. Our state-of-the-art office is ultra-comfortable and features advanced technology to ensure your procedure is minimally invasive, efficient and predictable. Ultimately, our goal is to deliver oral surgery that exceeds your expectations and allows you to quickly resume a healthy and pain-free life! Our team will walk you through every part of the process, so you’re not only completely prepared on the day of your oral surgery in Macon, GA, but also that you know what to expect afterward.

Our restorative oral surgery in Macon, GA can remedy your pain and embarrassment!

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Gentle Oral Surgery

Our entire team is committed to delivering a higher standard of care to our patients, and we work hard to make your surgical experience as pleasant as possible. We have the advanced training to provide oral surgery procedures safely and comfortably with local anesthesia, as well as IV and oral sedation. Whether you’re having problems with wisdom teeth or struggling with the repercussions of tooth loss, we’re here to restore your oral health and life.

Common Oral Surgery Procedures

Tooth extraction is a common oral surgery procedure required when a tooth can’t be saved due to decay, infection, fractures or severe gum disease. Primary teeth (also known as “baby teeth”) may have to be extracted to make adequate space for permanent teeth to properly “erupt” (emerge from beneath the gumline). When teeth are crowded, extraction may be advised in preparation for orthodontic treatment. During simple tooth extraction in Macon, GA, we numb your gums with a local anesthetic. Although pressure is felt as we rock the tooth back and forth in the socket, most patients don’t feel pain during the procedure. When a tooth is too firmly anchored in its socket or the root is curved and the socket can’t expand enough to remove it, we can extract it in sections.

Third molars (“wisdom teeth”) often need extraction because most people’s jaws are too small to accommodate extra molars, and they become impacted. Prior to wisdom tooth extraction, we’ll discuss different sedation options to help you feel relaxed and comfortable during surgery. After both simple and wisdom tooth extraction, we’ll provide postsurgical care instructions to help prevent complications and ensure the quickest possible recovery.

Over a period of time, missing teeth can cause your jaw bone to atrophy or resorb. Eventually, this can lead to undesirable changes to your facial structure. Some people with tooth loss don’t have adequate healthy bone to be a candidate for dental implants. Bone grafting in Macon, GA is a specialized oral surgery treatment that involves replacing bone levels in your jaw to support dental implants. The bone grafting material may be taken from you (autogenous) or a donor, or it may be created from biocompatible synthetic materials. Once the bone graft has been placed in the site with bone loss and your gums are sutured, it functions like a scaffold that stimulates your own bone tissue to grow and regenerate.

The alveolar ridge of the jawbone surrounds your tooth roots. When a tooth is lost, the empty socket is left in the alveolar ridge bone. Although this usually heals by filling in with existing bone and tissue, the surrounding socket may break and then it can’t heal on its own. The previous height and width of the socket continues to deteriorate, resulting in an unnatural-looking indentation. Without grafting, a replacement tooth won’t blend in well with adjacent teeth. Ridge augmentation uses bone and tissue grafting to fill in the indented area, thereby restoring a smooth gum line and enabling a dental implant or zirconia bridge to be placed.

The maxillary sinuses are located just above your upper back teeth. When upper back teeth are missing, your sinuses may drop and infiltrate the space once occupied by your tooth roots. Implants can’t be placed in this area without penetrating the sinus membrane. To resolve this problem, Dr. Kuo will perform a sinus lift. This procedure raises the sinus back to its proper position, then a bone graft is placed underneath the sinus to create a solid foundation for future dental implants to be placed.

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