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Durable Renewed Smiles, Made From Top-Quality Zirconia

If you’re missing teeth, you may feel ashamed to smile or laugh in the company of others. Many people with tooth loss experience difficulty chewing, while some may lisp or whistle unexpectedly when speaking. Other significant issues caused by tooth loss include progressive bone loss, shifting of adjacent teeth, and bacteria growth that can increase the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. While partial dentures, full dentures or traditional bridges are all potential solutions, at North Macon Dental Associates, we’re dedicated to providing the best possible solutions for missing teeth, and a zirconia fixed bridge in Macon, GA offers greater benefits. Fully customized to your smile, our fixed bridges are fabricated from a solid block of zirconia. Among all dental ceramics, zirconia has become the material of choice due to its superb biocompatibility, toughness, strength and natural-looking appearance. From firsthand experience, we know implant supported zirconia fixed bridges provide amazing benefits for permanently replacing failing or missing teeth!

Why Choose a Zirconia Fixed Bridge?

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The Benefits of Zirconia Fixed Bridges

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If you receive a zirconia fixed bridge in Macon, GA from our skilled cosmetic dentist, you can expect your new brilliant smile to last for decades—no one will know they aren’t natural teeth!

Superior Strength and Long-Term Function

Zirconia is called “ceramic steel” due to its exceptional strength and durability. Although zirconia bridges are made from a material with similar physical properties as titanium metal, they provide outstanding esthetic qualities. Traditional dentures and some hybrids are fabricated by securing porcelain teeth to a gum-colored, acrylic plastic base. Because zirconia bridges are secured with dental implants in Macon, GA, you won’t experience problems associated with dentures, such as gum irritation, slipping, clicking or speech problems. And you can say “goodbye” to messy adhesives and removal for cleanings! Your zirconia fixed bridge can withstand everyday wear and tear, as well as strong bite forces, without fracturing. When implants that support your zirconia bridges permanently fuse with your jawbone, this stimulates and keeps your bone healthy.
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Get a Ceramic Steel Smile with Beautiful Zirconia

If you’re looking for full mouth dental implants in Macon, GA, zirconia provides greater benefits than any other dental material. In addition to its strength and resistance to fractures, a zirconia fixed bridge matches the color and translucency of natural teeth better than any other option. We’ll customize your zirconia bridge to restore smile functionality and to complement your facial features, gum and lip lines, and even your skin tone in terms of color, brightness and shape. Unlike acrylic and porcelain, zirconia is smooth and polished, so it will resist staining and feel comfortable against your gums. When you receive a zirconia fixed bridge from our highly skilled dentist Dr. Lee Stockslager, you’ll enjoy a natural-looking and brilliant smile that lasts for decades!
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How Much Do Zirconia Bridges Cost?

Although a more expensive option than other less esthetic solutions, a zirconia bridge pays dividends for decades, due to its unmatched durability, longevity and beauty. At North Macon Dental Associates, we always strive to make transformative treatment as affordable as possible by partnering with many insurance providers, and by offering third-party financing to help make payments easy and achievable.

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